Sweet Delights: Indulge in the Best Bakeries in Orange County

Bakeries in Orange County

Orange County is full of wonderful bakeries, but I listed some of our favorite family-owned bakeries in Orange county. These bakeries only use the best ingredients and keep family traditions alive. There’s nothing better than a family-owned business because you know there’s a passion behind their product, and everything is made with love.

Cream Pan

Cream Pan - Sweet Delights: Indulge In The Best Bakeries In Orange County
Sweet Delights: Indulge In The Best Bakeries In Orange County

Cream Pan is a French-inspired bakery founded by Yoshinori Inada in 2002, and all of his creations are proudly completed in-house. Cream Pan has two locations, one in Tustin and one in Fountain Valley. Cream Pan has received recognition from the Orange County Register, Yelp, Travelers Choice, and OC Weekly as the best pastries and bakery in Orange County, California.

A trendy pastry at Cream Pan is their strawberry croissants, which are filled with velvety custard and fresh strawberries. Other popular items are the strawberry banana croissant, choco horn stuffed with chocolate goodness, and Cream Pan (a soft butter bread stuffed with creamy custard.) Other pastries you can find at Cream Pan are chocolate-filled croissants, almond croissants, apple croissants, or just a flaky butter croissant, and a variety of cakes sliced or whole!

Are you looking for other items other than pastries? Don’t worry! Cream Pan has a great selection of savory goods such as sandwiches, rice plates, chicken katsu, onigiri, sushi rolls, and crispy cheese bread. Another item I recommend is their Cheese Boule, which is a round-shaped bread stuffed with cheese and baked to perfection, so each bite you get will come with gooey melted cheese.

Cream Pan also bakes numerous loaves of fresh bread, such as walnut, baguettes, ciabatta, green olive bread, butter rolls, challah bread, and so much more. This place is fantastic, and you can see why the variety and quality of their bread and pastries are perfect.

Pandor Artisan Bakery and Cafe

Pandor - Sweet Delights: Indulge In The Best Bakeries In Orange County
Sweet Delights: Indulge In The Best Bakeries In Orange County

What’s Pandor Bakery?

Pandor Bakery is a sweet tooth lover’s dream! Pandor has three locations in Newport Beach, Orange, and Irvine. Pandor Bakery is not your traditional bakery, and all locations serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, pastries, coffee, beer, and wine. Where do we even begin? This place is so amazing on so many different levels and family owned!

Pastries at Pandor Bakery

Let’s start with the pastries. Pandor Bakery has a variety of fruit tarts, such as lemon meringue, chocolate raspberry, mango fruit, and pecan tart, to name a few. They also have over 15 flavors of macarons, such as pistachio, strawberry, oreo, earl grey tea, raspberry, and so many more. All these are fresh and amazing, and one isn’t enough! Pandor Bakery knows how to make the perfect eclair, offering various flavors like chocolate, pistachio, and coffee. The coffee eclair is my favorite because I get the taste of freshly toasted coffee beans with a creamy coffee filling.

They have an arrangement of cakes, anything from carrot, chocolate royal, tart cakes, cheesecakes, and the best German chocolate cake I have ever had. Pandor Bakery has many baked goods options freshly made, and the earlier you arrive, the better because they run out fairly quickly. They also carry a gluten-free chocolate moose cake which is exceptional.

Pandor Bakery makes fresh loaves of bread daily, baguettes, sourdough, brioche, croissants, and the most amazing almond croissants. The almond croissants here are one of a kind! They are soft, buttery, flaky, and full of thinly sliced almonds lightly covered in powdered sugar. Each bite is like biting into a light and fluffy, flavorful cloud. The almond croissant gives you one of those moments where you must close your eyes and enjoy every savory bite wishing it never ends. I know it’s a little extra, but that’s exactly how it makes me feel every time I eat one.

Pandor Bakery has the most incredible cookies with chocolate chip, peanut butter, nutella, and oatmeal flavors. The cookies are a perfect size, soft, and warm with layers of flavors. Pandor is also a cafe with a great breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at Pandor Bakery

Pandor Breakfast - Sweet Delights: Indulge In The Best Bakeries In Orange County
Breakfast Croissant Sandwich With A Side Of Potatoes. Pandor Bakery

We love coming here for breakfast and getting their crepes, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches. They have various ways to order an omelet, but my favorite is the build-your-own. I usually create my omelet by adding my favorite protein and veggies, always served soft and fluffy. Their omelet breakfast is served with a side of potatoes (or choice of salad) and a nice slice of toasted french bread with butter. They have a great brunch menu as well, with delicious mimosas.

For lunch and dinner, they offer some mouth-watering sandwiches. A favorite would be The Godfather, which consists of, prosciutto di parma, salami, ham, capicola, garlic mayo, pickles, onion, and mixed green in their house dressing. This sandwich is served on freshly made bread by Pandor themselves. They have some delicious, perfectly grilled paninis, hearty soups, and amazing salads. Nothing here is ordinary; it’s extravagant.

Espresso, Coffee, & Drinks at Pandor Bakery

Pandor Lavender Latte - Sweet Delights: Indulge In The Best Bakeries In Orange County
Lavender Latte With A Slice Of German Chocolate Cake: Pandor Bakery

Pandor Bakery has a great selection of lattes, espressos, affogato, chai lattes, and cappuccinos. My two must-haves are the Lavender Honey Latte and the OMG Latte. The Honey Lavender Latte is smooth, rich, creamy, and garnished with fresh lavender buds. The lavender and honey notes shine right through this latte, making it a perfectly balanced latte.

The popular OMG Latte is a big favorite, and the best way to describe it is when you order it, OMG. The OMG Latte is an espresso with a similar taste to a creme brulee. The OMG latte is sweet, creamy, and garnished with their OMG Bread crumbled over the top of the latte. The moment you take your first sip, you will immediately say OMG. I strongly recommend you try the OMG Latte when visiting Pandor Bakery. Their craft coffees and lattes help wash down all the excellent food and baked goods.

What else can Pandor Bakery do? Pandor Bakery also has some authentic Gelato that’s made fresh, with over five different flavors that rotate constantly.

Pandor Bakery has it all and is a perfect example of a one-stop shop. We are glad they have multiple locations, and their resume explains why they are on the list of best bakeries in Orange County.

Bad Bakers

Bad Bakers - Sweet Delights: Indulge In The Best Bakeries In Orange County
Sweet Delights: Indulge In The Best Bakeries In Orange County

Bad Bakers is a Filipino-owned bakery in the city of Santa Ana. They have over six locations throughout Northern California. Bad Bakers is quickly making a name for itself in Santa Ana and all over Orange County with their unique and delicious donuts.

Bad bakers carry various donuts, such as cronuts, cake donuts, and raised donuts. Their most popular ones are the Bananarama, Shortie Cake, Ube Mochi Donut, and of course, the raised donuts. The cool thing about the raised donuts is that you can fill the donut yourself. Bad Bakers will give you a filling injector with your choice of filling, and you fill the donut yourself and to your liking. This process is so cool, especially for kids, because it makes them feel like they created their donuts.

The raised donuts come in a few flavors, such as Movie Time, with popcorn and chocolate crumbled on top, giving you sweet and salty flavors. They also have their famous Shortie Cake, their version of a strawberry shortcake donut, and their Cookie Kraving donut, a cookie lover’s dream.

Bad Bakers also sell some great food options, such as hot dogs, empanadas, jalapeno cream cheese rolls, and lumpia. What is lumpia? Lumpia is a traditional Filipino spring roll. Lumpia is made with paper-thin lumpia wrappers, filled with a mixture of ground pork, cabbage, and other vegetables, and served with a side of chili dipping sauce. Bad Bakers also have gluten-free and vegan options, so everyone gets a taste of Bad Bakers.

French’s Cupcake Bakery

French’s Bakery, located in Cost Mesa, California, is a family-owned bakery that’s been in business since 1956. This wonderful bakery has been using their family baking recipes that date back to the 1920s.

French’s Bakery offers a variety of fantastic baked goods, such as coffee cakes, muffins, cookies, cupcakes, cobblers, cinnamon rolls, danishes of all sorts, and wonderful cakes for any occasion. French’s Cupcake Bakery makes the most delicious pies, and they have over forty types to choose from, like banana cream, boysenberry, cherry, and blueberry, to name a few. These pies are always made fresh and have the most amazing flavor. Their chocolate pecan pie is rich, and creamy, with a light crunch, and it happens to be one of my favorites.

Aside from all these amazing treats, they also bake over eighteen different loaves of bread ready for you to take home and enjoy; onion and cheese, cinnamon, buttermilk, and brioche are just some of the excellent choices they have. This bakery has so much to offer, and everything is always fantastic.

French’s Cupcake Bakery won multiple awards for the best bakery in Orange County and the most recent winner of the LA Times’ most popular bakery in 2021. French’s Cupcake Bakery is amazing and should be your next stop for a fantastic treat.

FKN Bread

FKN Bread, located in San Juan Capistrano, is a fantastic bakery serving the best sourdough bread I have ever had! This family-owned business stays extremely busy baking these loaves of bread because they usually run out before the end of the day. Once you come here and try their amazing loaves of bread, you’ll see why!

They bake various sourdough breads such as plain sourdough, everything bread, chocolate chip, kalamata olive bread, and jalapeno cheese bread. FKN Bread sells other baked goods, such as cookies, cupcakes, chocolate croissants, butter croissants, cinnamon rolls, and scones! FKN Bread also makes some fantastic sandwiches with their freshly baked bread. These sandwiches are so good; they have Italian, roast beef, ham, tuna, and a veggie sandwich.

FKN Bread sells the most delicious pizza on Monday nights, which is even more impressive because they have perfected the pizza dough. They have over five different pizza options, which are just delicious.

FKN Bread offers products all over Orange County and LA County. I recommend you stop by and try some of their baked goods, and don’t forget to take a few loaves of bread home. I promise you will be satisfied. FKN Bread sometimes sells out early, so make sure you get here early enough to grab some fresh goodies.

Map of Best Bakeries in Orange County

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  1. I just had Cream Pan’s Strawberry Croissants today! I went to the location in Fountain Valley. Super delicious! I’ll have to stop by the other locations listed as well 🙂


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