Snow Day in Wrightwood: The Perfect Place For A Snow Day in Southern California

Snow Day in Wrightwood California - Roaming Glory

We woke up early in the morning of New Year’s day, checked the weather, and found out the city of Wrightwood received a few inches of snow overnight. Before having our first cup of coffee, we decided to take a trip to Wrightwood for a snow day.

What made us go to Wrightwood? When the mountains have snow, our options are between Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, Running Springs, Mount Baldy, and Wrightwood. When it snows in our area, we know the traffic to the mountains will be heavy, and Wrightwood is the most accessible snow area to drive to from our home. The timing was right because Nick had never seen snow, and Wrightwood had a nice new blanket of snow waiting for him.

Having skipped a few years, we were so excited to see snow this year, and Nick had already made plans to sink into a bed of snow and throw a massive snowball at his sister Kayley. As we were approaching Wrightwood, there were no signs of snow, but we could see a few nearby mountains with some snow. We started to get concerned while driving on a dry road. Luckily, our backup plan was to take the kids to Yeti Snow Play in Mt. High, a snowboarding/ski resort just a few miles past Wrightwood.

Snow Day Prediction

As we kept driving, we approached the city of Wrightwood, and our GPS took us through the back of the village, and my Husband yelled out with excitement, “Guys, it’s snowing!” The snow came out of nowhere, but everyone rolled down their windows and started to feel the cold fluffy snow landing in the palm of our hands. Being the boy he is, Nick couldn’t contain his excitement and wasted no time sticking his head out the window trying to catch the snow flurries with his mouth. It was the cutest thing ever.

The Perfect Snow Day

As our journey to find snow continued, we kept driving on SR-2 (Big Pines HWY) with medium traffic. The snow flurries kept falling, but our mission to find snow continued. We finally started seeing snow everywhere and noticed cars parked alongside the roads. As I kept driving, we decided to try a location that seemed fit for us, and it happened to be right across The Guest Ranch at Pacific Crest. We immediately found a parking spot, and it started snowing a little harder with mild wind. The kids and I were excited to get out of the car and start playing in the snow. We all started putting on our snow gear and started following the rest of the small crowd.

The area we accidentally found was a hiking trail that was very close to Mt. High, and it was the perfect place to have a snow day. Nick started to run and found his first little hill, and before we knew it, he was sledding down the hill with the biggest smile. The air was frigid, and a gust of winds was immediately felt in our faces. Within a few minutes of us being outside, Nick exclaimed that his face was burning, and we looked up and noticed his little cheeks were so red from the cold air. But that didn’t stop us.

Fresh snow was coming down as we continued our way up the trail to see what other hills we could find, and we did. We found the perfect spot with no one around. It was just us and a beautiful forest covered in a white blanket of snow. We ran around, chased each other with snowballs, took lots of pictures, and laughed and laughed. We all took turns riding down the snow-filled hill in our sled, which was an unforgettable experience. I felt like a kid again. We walked around this beautiful empty trail, admired the beauty, played, and had a fantastic time. Talk about the perfect snow day.

After two hours of play, we returned to our car and had some snacks. Near our parking spot was a vendor selling Mexican street corn, drinks, chips, and all the classic Mexican treats. Naturally, we had to have corn, and it was terrific. After stuffing our faces with snacks and street corn, we headed back up the hill for more snow fun.

The Perfect Way to End A Snow Day

After an hour, we decided to call it a day and made our way to the car. We were so happy and were thinking of how great a day we had. We had lost track of time and ended up leaving around 4:30pm. Unfortunately, we found out the hard way that everyone at Mt. High usually leaves the resort at that time, so we did catch some traffic, but the drive was beautiful. Everyone was tired, and as soon as we drove off, Nick immediately fell asleep. Once we were close to home, we all agreed that to fulfill this great day, we would have to make a quick stop at our favorite local pizza spot, and we did just that.

This was the best way to start our New Year. The day was excellent, from the snow falling to Nick and Kay plunging into the snow. We love making these memories with our family. Our goal is for our children to create these same memories with their families one day. If you are ever in the mood for a snow day and want to avoid driving to Big Bear, head to Wrightwood and enjoy the beautiful snow without driving through a long winding road. We strongly recommend checking the snow report first and making sure your favorite mountain has snow.

Location Map

The map below will give you a better understanding of where everything is located.


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