Gliding into the Season: Top 5 Locations for Holiday Ice Skating in Orange County

Ice Skating in Orange County

As winter casts its enchanting spell, Orange County, CA comes alive with the enchantment of the holidays, offering a unique blend of festive cheer and coastal charm.

One cherished tradition that graces Orange County’s holiday landscape is Holiday ice skating in Orange County, turning scenic locations into sparkling wonderland.

While the Golden State is renowned for its warm climate, Orange County celebrates the winter spirit with ice skating rinks that produce the joyful essence of the season.

In this guide, we invite you to join us on a journey through the most enchanting ice skating rinks in Orange County, CA, where you can experience the joy and thrill of gliding on the ice beneath the palm trees, surrounded by the festive spirit that makes the holiday season in Orange County genuinely magical.

The Ice Rink at Pasea

Pasea Hotel - Gliding Into The Season: Top 5 Locations For Holiday Ice Skating In Orange County
Photo Credit: Pasea Hotel. Having Fun Ice Skating In Orange County.

Welcome to the Pasea Hotel in Huntington Beach, California, where you will find a coastal paradise right before this beautiful hotel.

Now, you can take the Holidays to the next level by ice skating in Orange County amidst the stunning backdrop of Huntington Beach’s Pasea Hotel and SoCal Coast. Throw on your ice skates and begin to glide gracefully along the frozen ice, where the warm Southern California sand meets snow.

The highly anticipated 4th annual Ice Rink at Paséa Hotel & Spa promises a spectacular return this year, offering everyone a collection of exciting experiences. The Pasea Hotel boasts some seriously Instagram-worthy ocean views from just about anywhere.

After a round of ice skating, you may enjoy the opportunity to reserve an oceanfront fire pit, cozy up, grab a hot coffee, hot chocolate, or cocktail, and begin the SoCal vibe.

Prepare yourself for a winter wonderland of holiday sensation like no other in the beautiful city of Huntington Beach.

Helpful Information

  • Ice Skating Begins 12/14-23 – 1/2/24
  • $35/90 minutes (All Ages/Ice Skates Included)
  • Firepits $200-$400/90 minutes (Rinkside & Oceanfront)
  • Theme Nights (Throwback Nights, Mariah Carey Nights, Date Nights, and more)
  • Parties & Private Events available
  • The rink is Located on the Ocean Lawn at the Pasea Hotel
  • Buy Tickets Online
  • You May Bring Your Own Skates

The Ice Rink at Irvine Spectrum

Ice Rink Spectrum - Gliding Into The Season: Top 5 Locations For Holiday Ice Skating In Orange County
Photo Credit: Irvine Spectrum Center. Ice Skating in Orange County.

Alright, picture this: the Irvine Spectrum, already this cool outdoor mall, turns into a winter wonderland during the holidays.

And guess what they do?

They throw in a giant ice rink right in the middle of everything. It’s like, “Hey, shopping, food, and ice skating all in one place – jackpot!”

Invite your friends and family, stroll around, check out the stores, and perhaps grab a hot cocoa, and before you know it, there it is- the ice rink, all festive and twinkly. People are lacing up their skates, some wobbling a bit (who’s an expert anyway?), but everyone’s having a blast.

And get this – it’s not just about skating. They’ve got this whole vibe going on in the middle of an outdoor mall during the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas tunes, lights sparkling everywhere, and the scent of holiday treats in the air. It’s like stepping into a holiday movie scene, and you’re in it.

Even if you’re not a skating pro, no worries. It’s all about the fun-laughing, maybe a little slipping and sliding, but who cares? You’re in this winder paradise at the Irvine Spectrum, making memories and feeling the holiday magic.

So, have you ever thought of ice skating in Orange County?

Grab your favorite Christmas Sweater, join the Holiday cheer at the Irvine Spectrum Ice Skating Rink, and mark it from your must-do list. It’s a holiday card come to life, complete with chilly fun and a side of shopping. What more could you ask for?

Helpful Information

  • Purchase Tickets Online or On-Site
  • $25/Adults (Skate Rental Included)
  • $23/Adults (Bring Your Own Skates)
  • $21/Adults (Military ID or Seniors 62+)
  • $21/Child (Ages 3-10, Skate Rental)
  • $19/Child (Ages 3-10, Bring Your Own Skate)
  • Helmet, Socks & Locker Rentals Available
  • Group Events & Private Parties Available
  • Themed Thursdays! (6pm & 8pm Sessions)
  • Skate with Santa (Dec 9 from 10am-11:30am)

Santa Ana Winter Village

Winter Village Santa Ana - Gliding Into The Season: Top 5 Locations For Holiday Ice Skating In Orange County
Photo Credit: Santa Ana Winter Village

What would be better than visiting one of the oldest cities in Orange County?

Right in the heart of Orange County, there’s this magical place called Santa Ana Winter Village, and it’s basically a winter dream come true. Now, what’s the most remarkable part? Ice skating in the center of the historic city of Santa Ana!

Imagine stepping into this winter wonderland – cute little cabins, twinkling lights, and the scent of hot cocoa in the air. It’s like they bottled up the holiday spirit and sprinkled it all over the place. And right there, in the middle of Civic Center Plaza, is an ice skating rink that screams, “Come and have a blast!”

People of all ages are lacing up their skates excitedly and ready to conquer the ice. The vibe is friendly and festive, and everyone’s just there to soak up the winter vibes.

And it’s not just about the ice skating, though that’s a big draw. Winder Wonderland Village will have food trucks, vendor merchandise, and many others. Live music might be playing, kids are giggling, and you’re thinking, “Yep, this is the holiday perfection I’ve been craving.”

So, if you’re looking for ice skating in Orange County, look no further; Santa Ana has you covered. It’s like a snow globe come to life, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this slice of holiday happiness!

Helpful Information

  • $10/Adults (13yrs+) Santa Ana Residents
  • $15/Adults (13yrs+) Non-Santa Ana Residents
  • $5/Child (3-12yrs) Santa Ana Residents
  • $10/Child (3-12yrs) Santa Ana Residents
  • 90 min Skating Session
  • Tickets on Sale 11/18/23
  • Must Sign Waiver
  • Parking Information

Surf City Winter Wonderland

Hb Pier - Gliding Into The Season: Top 5 Locations For Holiday Ice Skating In Orange County
Photo Credit: Surf City Winter Wonderland

Let’s dive into the winter magic at Surf City Winter Wonderland!

If you’re on the lookout for a slice of holiday joy with a dash of coastal cool, this is your spot – and guess what? They’ve got something special for you – ice skating in Orange County!

Surf City Winter Wonderland, located at the Huntington Beach Pier, takes the holiday season to a whole new level.

Imagine this: you’re walking through a festively decorated space with palm trees wrapped in twinkling lights and the sound of waves in the background. It’s like the holidays decided to hit the beach, and it’s pure magic.

This is the perfect place to show off your ice skating skills, surrounded by the chill vibes of the ocean breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or doing the classic wobble-and-giggle routine, it’s all part of the fun.

But it’s not just about the skating – it’s the whole package. Picture this: holiday songs playing, the ocean scent drifting through the air, and maybe even some snowflakes (or at least the SoCal version of them). It’s a winter paradise, Southern California style.

So, if you’re ready to experience the coolest (literally) holiday hangout, Surf City Winter Wonderland, with its fantastic ice skating in Orange County, is the place to be. It’s like the holidays met the beach and decided to throw the ultimate party. Trust me, your winter-loving heart will thank you for it!

Helpful Information

  • $22/per skater
  • Private Parties Available
  • Start in November
  • Must Sign Waiver
  • Free Parking (up to 90mins) at Main Promenade Parking Structure

Newport Dunes Ice Skating

Abc 2 - Gliding Into The Season: Top 5 Locations For Holiday Ice Skating In Orange County
Photo Credit: Newport Dunes. Ice Skating in Orange County.

Let’s dive into the winter magic at the Newport Dunes Ice Skating Fire and Ice Festival, where holiday ice skating in Orange County takes on a whole new level of festive fun!

Located in the scenic Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort, this festival epitomizes holiday cheer, making it a perfect site for families and winter fanatics.

Picture a glistening ice skating rink right by the water, surrounded by the serene beauty of Newport Beach. It’s like skating in a holiday postcard and the perfect place to create lasting memories.

Now, let’s talk refreshments. Imagine sipping on a warm cup of coffee or indulging in a festive cocktail while watching the skaters twirl on the ice. But wait, there’s more – they’ve got a rink-side igloo bar! Yes, you heard that right. Cozy up, enjoy the chilly scenery, and sip on your favorite winter drink.

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate holiday ice skating experience in Orange County, Newport Dunes Ice Skating Fire and Ice Festival is where it’s at. It’s not just a rink; it’s a joyful festivity by the water, promising memorable moments and a perfect blend of winter magic in sunny California. Don’t miss out on this icy delight!

Helpful Information

  • Starts November 27, 2023
  • Stunning Water Views
  • Skate Rentals and Skate Aids Available
  • Private Parties Available
  • 4,000+ sq. ft of Ice Rink!
  • $20/Skater (Ages 3+)
  • 90 min Skating Sessions
  • Bring Your Own Socks!
  • Book Online

Festive Ice Skating in Orange County For the Family

Pexels Thomas Laukat 914996 - Gliding Into The Season: Top 5 Locations For Holiday Ice Skating In Orange County
Photo Credit: Thomas Laukat. Ice Skating in Orange County

In conclusion, whether you’re seeking holiday joy, festive ice skating in Orange County, or a winter paradise in sunny California, these locations offer the perfect blend of joy and coastal charm.

From upscale getaways with ocean views and rooftop lounges to outdoor malls turned winter wonderlands, each destination promises a memorable holiday experience for families and winter enthusiasts alike. So, lace up your skates, indulge in festive treats, and immerse yourself in these stunning seasonal celebrations along the Southern California coast.

Get ready for a winter adventure filled with holiday lights, icy delights, and the warm spirit of the holidays!

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