Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort – Everything You Need To Know

Hilton Los Cabos

Our family decided to take a summer vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico. We had never been, so booking this trip was exciting. During our research of hotels, we found that only a few beaches in Cabo are swimmable, and most resorts don’t let you swim in the ocean.

My husband and I were super sad and discouraged to hear this news because the Cabo waters looked so spectacular not to be able to experience them.

After weeks of searching, we found it! We had located the perfect hotel with a swimmable beach which was private just for the hotel. Hilton Los Cabos Beach and Golf Resort was the winner! Looking through the pictures of this resort was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and we couldn’t wait to see it in person.

Arriving at The Hilton Los Cabos Resort

Hilton Los Cabos Resort
The View From The Terrace Overlooking The Infinity Pool And Ocean

Finally, the day had arrived.

The Salinas family was in Los Cabos, and we were so excited to see this charming resort we saw on screen come to life in front of our eyes. We pulled up to a massive white Spanish-Style building. Getting off the transport van, we felt the warm, humid breeze of Los Cabos that instantly put a smile on our faces. Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by the friendly staff. A hotel staff member immediately took our luggage and handed us complimentary pomegranate margaritas for us and lemonade for the kids. This experience was impressive and certified the start of our vacation. We had just arrived and were already treated like royalty, and that treatment would follow us throughout the trip.

The lobby was even more gorgeous than the pictures had shown, with an open-air entry and unique designs and decor. A magnificent water fountain took the center of the lobby, making it beam. The style of this hotel was just perfect. It had already exceeded our expectations with just 5 minutes of being there.

Exploring the Hilton Resort & Beach

After settling into our room, we quickly got into our beach attire and started exploring the hotel. We were taken aback by all its beauty! The restaurants, pool area, and bars were just mesmerizing, and the ocean was glowing; no matter what part of the resort, you had a view of the ocean.

The light blue waters and white sand were so gorgeous we had to go down to the beach and feel that fantastic white sand between our toes.

Once we arrived at the bottom of the stairs, we emerged in the sand and felt so amazingly blessed. Our kids had the biggest smiles and were so excited to be there. The cutest bar at the beach had swings for chairs, so naturally, the kids and I ran over, sat down, and ordered our first vacation drinks. My husband had a pina colada, the kids got the mocktail version, and I got an ice-cold Corona beer. We sipped our drinks and couldn’t believe the pina colada flavors! Fresh pineapple bites in each sip, smooth and creamy but not too sweet; it was perfect.

Cabo Beach - Hilton Los Cabos Beach &Amp; Golf Resort - Everything You Need To Know
The beautiful beach directly in front of Hilton Los Cabos Resort

Nick was so excited to dip himself inside the ocean, so we took our delicious drinks and ran to the water. As we approached this dream of a beach, we felt a nice warm breeze, and we sipped our drinks, and suddenly that crystal blue water touched our bodies, and we were in awe. Warm, crisp water just relaxed your whole body, and naturally, you just wanted to let your body go with the flow of the soft waves; it was marvelous. We tried to do so much at once that we couldn’t decide what to do, but we were finally happy to be on vacation.

Lunch by the Pool

Infinity Pool Resized - Hilton Los Cabos Beach &Amp; Golf Resort - Everything You Need To Know
This Is One Of The Infinity Pools At The Hilton Los Cabos Resort

After being at the beach for a while, the kids wanted to try out the beautiful infinity pools that overlooked the ocean. We walked back up to the resort filled with excitement, joyfully found the perfect place to lounge, and dove into this gorgeous pool.

Shortly after, we were approached by the most incredible waiter, who took our drink and lunch order.

We wanted to start lunch right. We ordered one of their handcrafted pizzas, tacos de carne asada (steak), and some carne asada nachos. My husband and I ordered another round of cocktails, and the kids more smoothies to complete the perfect lunch. The pizza, oh my gosh! I have never had pizza this flawless in my life. Freshly made dough cooked in a brick oven over wood gave the pizza its unique taste. Picture a soft yet crispy crust and delicious cheese pulling with each bite. It was a dream, and it became something I ordered every day. The asada (steak) tacos were served on warm homemade corn tortillas with all the delicious toppings and salsa. The meat was tender, flavorful, and delicious, and the same with the nachos! Simply perfection. After lunch, we swam and swam and enjoyed the most beautiful sunset and phenomenal ocean view.

Food By The Pool - Hilton Los Cabos Beach &Amp; Golf Resort - Everything You Need To Know
Our first lunch was by the pool. We enjoyed some tacos, nachos, and pepperoni pizza.

We stayed for five days; we unwinded, just relaxed throughout those five days, and made sure we made the best of this vacation. We did the beach, then the pool repeated that cycle throughout our stay, and we indulged in all types of delicious foods.

The Swim-Up Bars & Food Items

Img 8124 - Hilton Los Cabos Beach &Amp; Golf Resort - Everything You Need To Know
The Swim-Up Bar Near The Kids’ Pool

The resort had two swim-up bars at opposite ends of the resort, one in the main pool and the other connected to the children’s pool. Both bars were super impressive.

Let’s start with the main swim-up bar located in the main pool area.

We had a specific seating area where we loved to sit, which was at the edge of the bar because it was a dead end with a good-sized area where the kids could swim around us while enjoying lunch. This was the first swim-up bar we had ever experienced, and it was nothing but extraordinary. The service was perfect, and their drinks were mesmerizing.

While sitting at the bar, I saw the bartenders had a bowl filled with fresh guavas; I asked them if they made a drink with them, and he said absolutely! Before he could finish his sentence, I said, ill take one. You guys, it was the best refreshing drink I’ve ever had. The cocktail (Guava Cooler) had fresh muddled guavas, orange liqueur, mint, lime juice, and vodka, making it a magical masterpiece. I couldn’t get enough. It was a drink you could have all day long without feeling overly sweet. It was so refreshing. With each sip, I would get a piece of the lovely guava that instantly melted in my mouth. I quickly handed my husband the drink, and his reaction was everything. While staying here, this was my go-to drink, and I couldn’t get enough.

The swim-up bars had a full menu consisting of tacos, burgers, pizza, and ceviche, and it was so amazingly delicious!

Let me tell you guys about the pizza!

Yes, pizza in a resort in Mexico. Pizza is always amazing, but this is the first time I’ve had a fantastic pizza like this. First, the bar food and the pizza were all cooked in their beautiful outdoor kitchen, where everything was cooked over burning wood or a burning wood brick oven. So right off the bat, you know the food will be great. The pizza is made fresh to order with freshly made pizza dough. You can see the chefs laying out the dough, tossing it in the air, and prepping it with all the fresh toppings.

Pizza 1 - Hilton Los Cabos Beach &Amp; Golf Resort - Everything You Need To Know
Introducing the “All Meat Pizza”

Are you ready to hear about the most fantastic pizza of them all? The all-meat pizza! It’s mouth-watering and delicious. This pizza had chorizo, cecina (steak), al pastor, and black refried beans. This was topped off with homemade mozzarella cheese, fresh pico de gallo, and freshly sliced avocado. Some say it sounds like a torta, which is similar but a pizza version of it. This pizza was the essence of my life, and I ordered it every day. I could not sit at the bar and not order this pizza; even if I was full, I made sure I enjoyed every bite because I knew I wouldn’t get this stuff back home.

As I mentioned, the bar had many food options, and we tried them all. Our son ordered the burger sliders, and, man! There’s something special about having your food cooked over an open fire. It gives the food an incredible flavor. My husband said it was the best burger he’s ever had, and Nick made those sliders disappear very fast; he agreed with his dad. Kayley and I love ceviche, so we decided to try it, and wow so glad we did. The ceviche is made with freshly caught fish and is made fresh daily. Mouth watery lemony goodness packed with flavor. Kayley and I devoured this plate so quickly and still wanted more.

It was the best ceviche we have ever had.

As I mentioned, we would go back and forth between the two swim-up bars. One was in the main pool, and the other was in the children’s pool. Both swim-up bars were wonderful and surrounded by incredible views of the ocean.

The resort offers a great layout because even at 90% capacity, there was always room to participate in all resort amenities. Everything was always open, and the servers were ready to serve.

The swim-up bar at the kid’s pool is wrapped around a sushi bar serving freshly made sushi, poke, and salads. I promise I’m not exaggerating, but I’ve never had sushi this incredible. This sushi melted in our mouths and left us speechless. The chefs explained that the fish is freshly caught and only the best is used. He made us a unique roll and sashimi with a secret sauce they made, and he poured it over the white fish, which was the most fantastic thing I have ever tried. My husband, who never eats sushi, was convinced to try it and loved it. I couldn’t believe he had eaten raw fish! I was so proud of him, and he told me he wanted more. I was left speechless because he’s not a fan of sushi.

This bar also had an oyster event where they prepared different styles of oysters, and my husband and I went in. I love oysters and eat them every so often. Still, my husband would never, and again, he did! He joined me in some oysters for lunch; it was pretty awesome to experience it with him and the kids. Kayley tried to eat one, but her gag reflexes quickly stopped her from enjoying one. But she tried, and that’s all that matters. We loved these swim-up bars. The kids thought sitting in a pool while eating lunch and indulging in smoothies was an excellent experience. We had the most fantastic food, drinks, and swim-up bars with ocean views, and everything was perfect.

The Restaurants at the Hilton Resort

Let’s talk about the fantastic restaurant they had in the resort. Each was so amazingly delicious and stamped a special place in our foodie’s hearts.


Talavera Exterior Resized - Hilton Los Cabos Beach &Amp; Golf Resort - Everything You Need To Know
Talavera Restaraunt/Buffet

Talavera restaurant was our go-to spot every single morning for breakfast. It was so special to start our day with such fantastic food and views. When you exit our room and walk down the halls to Talavera, the hotel opens up to the most beautiful ocean view. It was such a blessing to wake up every day, walk out of our room, and experience this magical view on the way to breakfast.

Talavera is an all-you-can-eat buffet offering all traditional American and Mexican breakfasts made to perfection. We were overwhelmed looking around at all the different food sections and didn’t know where to start.

Talavera Interior E1672350383202 - Hilton Los Cabos Beach &Amp; Golf Resort - Everything You Need To Know
Inside Talavera Buffet

My husband began with the taco station. A lady at the taco station made fresh tortillas, huaraches, sopes, and tostadas to order. They had various types of meat to choose from, such as carnitas, asada, and chicharron. She started by creating your tortillas fresh, adding the meat, and then the fun part adding your condiments to the tacos. They had many salsas, onions, cilantro, lime cheeses, radishes, and other condiments. It was a dream, even more so when you took a bite of that freshly made taco. Handmade tortillas are a game changer; it brings everything together. Apart from making tacos, you can also assemble and create your quesadillas; she had various cheese options available. This is just one little section of this breakfast buffet, and you can see why it was so overwhelming in a significant way.

An extended counter served traditional breakfast items such as bacon, eggs, sausage, an omelet bar, pancakes, hashbrowns, potatoes, waffles, and much more. The breakfast bar also had chilaquiles red and green, pozole, tostadas, and other Mexican food favorites. We also noticed that they had a carving station with rotating meats daily. Talavera was a one-stop shop; this place has it all; they do breakfast right.

I still need to get to the best part! The fresh juice and smoothie bar! Think of smoothie heaven. They have all sorts of fruits, honey, freshly made milk, and powders ready to assemble your perfect juice or smoothie. Their almond, cashew, and coconut milk are homemade. They also had hempseed milk! The add-ons were insane: different agaves, cocoa powders, protein powder spirulina, etc. We ordered a smoothie daily; how can you not start your day with a freshly made smoothie? The dessert bar was our kid’s favorite. They had a variety of pastries, pan dulce, and donuts. The selection was endless, and my favorite part about the dessert bar was paring my pan dulce with a cup of Mexican hot chocolate.

Talavera was such a treat, and we enjoyed coming here every morning. The views from our breakfast at Talavera were just the cherry on top. Taleveras is simply delightful.


Vela 4 - Hilton Los Cabos Beach &Amp; Golf Resort - Everything You Need To Know
The outdoor poolside seating area at Vela

Oh Vela, I wish I had you near because I miss your food so much.

Vela is an Italian-inspired restaurant inside the resort that serves delicious authentic Italian dishes with a Mexican flare. Let me tell you; it’ll leave you speechless.

We had dinner at Vela on our third night and fell in love. The mood is romantic and relaxing; it feels like you are on vacation. This restaurant is located right before the main pool area and only opens up for dinner. While enjoying some great food, you also get the most beautiful sunset views. Vela had some phenomenal food; let’s start with the delicious appetizer we inhaled. This appetizer consisted of breaded fried eggplant layered with fresh mozzarella cheese and topped off with a creamy, lemony sauce. The flavors you get when you bite into this are great. You get gooey cheese, crispiness, and the sauce’s creaminess. We were left speechless and couldn’t wait to try our main course.

The boys ordered steak, which they loved! Juicy, tender filet mignon steaks cooked to perfection. Kay and I went with pasta, I had the lobster ravioli, and Kay had the lasagna, and both were incredible. My ravioli was stuffed with fresh crab, layered with their signature perfect marinara sauce, and brought this ravioli together. Kayley enjoyed her lasagna. Her lasagna was loaded with meat, cheese, and amazing sauce. We were so satisfied with our meals, and my husband and I were also happy with our cocktails. I ordered an excellent martini consisting of pineapple and other fruits; I had a few. I couldn’t get enough of the smooth flavors this martini had. I love a well-balanced drink, and this drink was it. Flavors of pineapple and strawberry with a hint of citrus, wow, it was perfection.

Overall, Vela was very impressive. The mood, service, and food were perfect, and we truly enjoyed our wonderful dinner. We cannot wait to go back.


Sotol was another great restaurant at the Hilton Los Cabos. This place was our go-to when we wanted a calm, relaxing vibe. We usually ordered an appetizer, a small meal, or a good drink.

Sotol Food - Hilton Los Cabos Beach &Amp; Golf Resort - Everything You Need To Know
The Carnitas Torta served at Sotol Restaurant

Sotol is the closest restaurant to the lobby and is located above Vela. This restaurant is beautiful because it overlooks the pool area, and you can experience the beautiful night sky. The night sky here in Cabo looks like something from a movie, and it’s just dreamy. Sotol has a variety of tequilas to try and some craft cocktails. Our favorite cocktail at Sotol was a pineapple drink infused with a burning cinnamon stick. I have never had anything like it, and it was incredible. You can taste the roasted cinnamon and, at the same time, the fresh pineapple.

Sotol Kids - Hilton Los Cabos Beach &Amp; Golf Resort - Everything You Need To Know
The kids are waiting for their dessert to arrive at Sotol

Overall this place is excellent, and the views are amazing. Sotol has a well-rounded menu that includes tortas, burgers, tacos, churros, desserts, etc. There wasn’t a restaurant in the resort we didn’t love, and every restaurant was very unique.

Dining Events

The Hilton Los Cabos offers different types of themed dinners almost every night. For instance, on Tuesday, Talavera is the host of Taco Tuesday. They have a live band playing while you indulge in fantastic homemade tacos. Sadly, we didn’t make it to Taco Tuesday because we failed to make a reservation on time.

Hilton Los Cabos Resort
Steak at Cuban Night

The following day we heard they were hosting Cuban night on our last night here, and we decided it would be the perfect ending to our trip, and indeed it was. Lena, the restaurant that caters to the pool during the day, also turns into the most fantastic steakhouse at night. We were so excited to be a part of Cuban Night.

As we walked down to our last dinner, we were saddened by the fact that it was our last night at the resort. We were also happy because our vacation had been perfect, and we knew this dinner would be the cherry on top. We were ready to experience Cuban Night, and as we arrived at Lena, the sun was starting to set. The air was filled with the beautiful aroma of burning wood and grilled steak. A live Cuban band performed, a cigar roller passed out cigar samples, and the bar was booming with mojitos of all flavors. We knew it would be a night to remember. The host sat us down, and our whole family had smiles on their faces. We couldn’t wait to indulge in all the Cuban foods. We drank the most authentic mojitos, made with your choice of mango, strawberry, or classic. Our kids even enjoyed a virgin one but couldn’t get enough. We started with Cuban empanadas, with ground beef stuffed inside and a special sauce to drizzle on top. We all ordered steaks, and I’ve never had a steak so excellent. Crispy on the outside but so juicy and tender on the inside.

We had the most fantastic time as a family, eating delicious food, listening to great music, and laughing until our stomachs hurt. It was a great way to end our trip, one I know our family will cherish for the rest of our lives.

The End of A Memorable Vacation

I am glad we found Hilton Los Cabos because it was a gem and a great vacation choice. The staff, service, amenities, and food were pristine. The location was also excellent. The resort is tucked away 12 miles north of Los Cabos and away from the party scene, which is what we were looking for. If you’re looking to party at a resort or be closer to the party area, this resort is not for you. The Hilton Los Cabos is where families come to unwind and relax, and that’s what we did. We returned refreshed, and our hearts were full of joy and unforgettable memories. I promise you won’t regret coming to Hilton Los Cabos. Please follow our journey as we explore more places and create more memories as a family.


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