Thanksgiving at Hotel Del Coronado: The Perfect Coastal Holiday Escape

Thanksgiving at Hotel Del Coronado

Have you ever traveled with your spouse and kids during the holidays? If you haven’t, try it at least once.

Being of Hispanic descent means spending the holidays with the whole family is almost mandatory. You may have the luxury of having two Thanksgiving dinners if you’re married.

Celebrating Thanksgiving at Hotel Del Coronado without the whole family can be challenging for them and yourself. Still, it’s beautiful to experience something out of the ordinary, especially watching your kids enjoying the new experience.

This year for Thanksgiving, we decided to skip the traditional Thanksgiving and head out of town. Airports and freeways are super busy for the holidays, so we decided to take a short drive to San Diego and spend our week at the Hotel Del Coronado. Going to the Hotel Del Coronado feels like you are far from home; it’s truly a gem.

Arriving at The Del (Day 1)

Upon arrival at Hotel Del Coronado, we checked into our room and explored the beautiful resort. As I wrote, this place is so beautiful for the holidays.

Christmas trees, lights, ice skating, and holiday magic are everywhere you turn. One of the Coronado employees referred to “The Del” as Disneyland, and I can see why.

There is plenty to do here for the whole family; you never have to leave because The Del offers something for everyone.

After exploring this beautiful place, our son Nick kept saying he wanted to ice skate throughout the day. After a few delays, we decided it was finally the perfect time to ice skate. The sun had set, the skating rink lights were on, and The Del was beaming with holiday cheer. The views were just stunning. How can this not be the best resort for Thanksgiving at Hotel Del Coronado?

The perfectly placed ice skating rink, steps away from the ocean, was extraordinary. Nick had a blast ice skating. We all did! I was so surprised at my skating skills; it was a mini-workout! We skated for over an hour before we realized how hungry we were.

Dinner at Coronado Island

Nado Republic - Thanksgiving At Hotel Del Coronado: The Perfect Coastal Holiday Escape
Nado Republic In Coronado

After doing some minor research, I found an Italian restaurant by the name of Nado Republic that we had yet to try.

We decided to take an evening stroll to Nado, just two blocks from the hotel. It was so lovely to explore the island at night, and it’s always nice to walk to your dinner destination because, as a Californian, you usually drive to dinner. 

Nado was a great discovery and did not disappoint! The food, cozy atmosphere, drinks, and service were excellent. Their Italian food is authentic, and although we have never been to Italy, it felt like we were dining there. 

I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), so having specific flour or bread can make me a little sick. Here at Nado, I indulged in their delicious pizza, pasta, and bread basket, and my stomach felt completely fine. I was happy I did not experience any bloating or discomfort! 

Everything was so fresh and perfect! Our whole family enjoyed our dinner.

Thanksgiving Day! (Day 2)

On day two, we walked half a mile to the unique Clayton’s Coffee Shop, a staple in Coronado! Here’s a fun fact Clayton’s Coffee Shop is the only original horseshoe counter eatery in San Diego County. Sitting in this beautiful 1940s classic American diner, having breakfast with my family, and relaxing on Thanksgiving morning was a blessing. As I sipped my coffee, I looked around the restaurant and saw the joy on other families’ faces. I knew they were feeling the same joy we were.

Clays Min - Thanksgiving At Hotel Del Coronado: The Perfect Coastal Holiday Escape
Claytons Coffee Shop On Thanksgiving Morning

Breaking traditions doesn’t have to be wrong; bonding with your spouse and children over new experiences while having a fabulous time is genuinely vital. Giving your kids exposure to a different type of ordinary is okay. And trust me when I tell you, your family will appreciate it.

After our lovely breakfast, we started to head back to the hotel, and Nick kept insisting that we should all go ice skating again. He experienced ice skating at night and now wanted to experience ice skating during the day. However, we were a little tired from ice skating the night before, but we decided to join him anyways. After an hour of ice skating, we decided to take a break, but Nick refused. At this point, he was such a great ice skater that he chose to skate solo. Nick was skating all over the rink with such a big smile, which truly warmed our hearts. He was happy to be ice skating near the ocean on Thanksgiving Day.

Abc - Thanksgiving At Hotel Del Coronado: The Perfect Coastal Holiday Escape
Nick Ice Skating On Thanksgiving Day

After our ice skating session, we went straight to the Eno Market at the hotel to grab some water. We returned to the room, where the kids decided to rest. Since the kids were tired, Emiliano and I decided to go on a little date at the Babcock & Story Bar, which just so happens to be across our room. Luckily, our older daughter Kay is old enough to do a little babysitting. My husband and I always enjoy each other’s company, and we appreciate our time together.

The bar overlooks the resort and ocean and, coincidently, has a direct view of our room and balcony. We enjoyed some lovely cocktails hand-crafted by the friendly bartender and, again, soaked in every moment.

Thanksgiving Dinner Inside an Igloo

What did we eat during our Thanksgiving at Hotel Del Coronado? Well, let me fill you in on the details. Our Thanksgiving dinner experience was just about to get started. We had a spur of the moment that led to us renting out a beach igloo available during the holidays; it was a phenomenal experience!

The Del Igloos And Ocean Night Min E1669938357532 - Thanksgiving At Hotel Del Coronado: The Perfect Coastal Holiday Escape
Thanksgiving At Hotel Del Coronado &Amp; The Igloos.

The kids were so excited to sit inside an igloo on the beach! Outside our igloo was a firepit with lawn chairs. At first, we thought the firepit was to roast marshmallows and to keep us warm. We were correct, except it was also our stove for our Thanksgiving dinner! What did we have for Thanksgiving dinner? It consisted of roasted hot dogs and plenty of s’mores. Of course, the igloo experience didn’t just come with hot dogs; it came with a private server and a full menu to order food and beverages.

Igloo Family Min E1669939778636 - Thanksgiving At Hotel Del Coronado: The Perfect Coastal Holiday Escape
Hanging Out Inside The Igloo Before The Goodies Arrive

We enjoyed the hot dogs and some holiday cocktails from the holiday bar Frost Bites. This evening was truly perfect, and it completed this trip.

Our kids were so happy, and their hearts were full of gratitude. My husband and I felt the same way. We felt like children because here we are, roasting our food and s’mores on Thanksgiving while enjoying our tasty cocktails.

We ended our night with fun, laughter, and forever-lasting memories. Our kids will carry these endless memories with them forever, and so will we. These are the moments I cherish and the reason we created Roaming Glory. We want to share our family experiences and hope some of you do the same. Don’t be afraid to create new traditions and make new memories with your family. Thanksgiving at Hotel Del Coronado was a trip we will never forget.

Concluding our Thanksgiving at Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado does a great job with its holiday experiences and is filled with history. Don’t miss out on the Christmas Holiday experiences Hotel Del Coronado and the city of San Diego have to offer. Don’t forget to check out The Best Magical Christmas Experiences in San Diego for more information. Thanksgiving at Hotel Del Coronado is highly recommended, and I hope it’s an experience everyone gets to enjoy. We hope to get your feedback on your experiences!

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