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Let’s spend a day at  Liberty Station

Liberty Station is a must-see when it comes to visiting San Diego. Liberty Station is underrated when it comes to being talked about; many people don’t even know it exists. Liberty Station was once a naval training base that housed millions of soldiers from 1923-1997. The barracks you see today are not only part of history but are the restaurants and shops you see today.

Liberty Station has a variety of endless food options to satisfy any taste. Liberty Public Market, located in Liberty Station, is an indoor market that houses many delicious foods, craft cocktails, cold beer, and wines. It doesn’t stop there; throughout the market, you can find locally owned shops that sell jewelry, clothing, arts, and cooking oils.

Our kids love exploring and running around the big open spaces that surround Liberty Station. So, if you’re looking for a new experience in San Diego and want to enjoy a cold beverage or a delicious cocktail with exceptional food, Liberty Station is the place to be! Looking for more to do in San Diego? Here you go!

The Presley

Address: 2855 Perry Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

The Presley is a fantastic restaurant to have a lovely lunch, dinner, or weekend brunch. They have a well-rounded menu that consists of burgers, flatbread pizza, and salads. The Presley also has brunch favorites, such as avocado toast, specialty pancakes, classic benedict, and much more.

One of my favorite menu items is their fish and chips. The fish is crunchy, flavorful, and topped with a fantastic tartar sauce! The fish and chips here made our 6-year-old fall in love with the dish! The drinks here are hand-crafted to perfection! They have an excellent selection of fantastic beer, wine, mimosas, and cocktails.

A must-have for me is their dole whip mimosa. It’s simply amazing, and I guarantee one will not be enough. I’ve never had anything like it; it always hits the spot. My husband’s favorite drink is the Coco Baja, which has tequila, freshly squeezed lime, coconut cream, pineapple, and a few splashes of secret ingredients, with the rim coated in Tajin.

We love coming here because the atmosphere is so relaxing! The decor here is backyard boho style, which is great because our kids feel at home just relaxing and having lunch while mom and dad sip on a drink. I want to add that this outdoor restaurant is also pet-friendly. Make sure you enjoy that lovely San Diego breeze while enjoying delicious food and drinks at The Presley.

Stone Brewing

Address: 3225 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

Stone Brewing is the best place to go and enjoy a beer with a delicious meal. I love coming to Stone, especially when I’m in the mood for a tasty beer and a relaxing environment. Stone Brewery is also very kid-friendly. Our kids enjoy coming to Stone to order their flatbread pizza while we have a competitive game of cornhole.

Stone Brewery features 40 taps of craft beers, including year-round and special releases and beers from other small breweries. They also carry an extensive bottle list of craft beers worldwide. I personally enjoy their Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager; it’s crisp, light, and quenches my thirst.

One of the things we enjoy doing is sitting on the lawn chairs and enjoying our beers. I love that you don’t need to sit at a table to have a meal or enjoy a beer; you can do this while lounging in a backyard-style setting. Stone Brewing is in a great area and offers a relaxing atmosphere. I know you will have a great time drinking a beer while enjoying your meal.

Dirty Birds

Address: 2970 Truxtun Rd #9, San Diego, CA 92106

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like buffalo wings. Our family is huge on buffalo wings, and we often eat them. You can never go wrong with wings; this place is fantastic! Dirty Birds has authentic wings with exceptional sauces that just hit differently. The buffalo sauce at Dirty Birds has the perfect blend of spice and tanginess. All their different flavored wings are simply mouthwatering.

The perfect buffalo wing for me has to be extra crispy and extra saucy, and Dirty Birds can make that magic happen.

You can’t have wings without any sides, so go ahead and try their Dirty Chicken loaded fries. This dish is excellent; you get fries with chopped chicken and bacon tossed with mixed cheeses in their dirty ranch sauce.

They have a great beer selection from local breweries and a full bar. This place is fantastic, and if you are ever in the mood for some amazing wings and you’re in town, give this place a try!

Corvette Diner

Address: 2965 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

Corvette Diner is a 1950’s themed diner that includes burgers, fries, milkshakes, and music. I like to refer to them as the Disneyland of burger joints! They have a few different seating areas, each with a different theme. They also have an arcade, which is very convenient because it keeps the kids entertained while you wait for your table.

Our kids love coming here for creamy think milkshakes and delicious cheeseburgers, but that’s not all! I like to refer to this place as a diner on steroids because its energy is amazing; it’s like a club for kids. Loud music played throughout the restaurant, and employees little segments of singing and dancing. It’s always a good time here.

This place has a variety of different burgers to choose from, and some of them are unique. They have a peanut butter Elvis burger that I tried, which was delicious, to my surprise. Kids and adults will love this place because it caters to both and is a great family experience.

The Fig Tree Cafe

Address: 2400 Historic Decatur Rd Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92106

The Fig Tree Cafe is an organic breakfast spot that will take your breath away! Everything is fresh and organic! Their teas, coffee, and juices are so good and will leave you in awe. They serve some of the best breakfast classics like eggs benedict, french toast, and bacon and eggs! This place is unique because even though you can find this type of traditional breakfast anywhere, I promise it will not be this amazing.

I have tried multiple items on their menu, which makes me speechless every time. Just imagine the taste of fresh herbs on your food; this place puts so much love into its food, and it shows! The french toast is thick and fluffy yet melts inside your mouth like cotton candy. I’ve never had anything so fantastic. This greatness isn’t just in their French toast but in every item on the menu, from the coffees, teas, lattes, and fresh pressed juice; this place will become an instant favorite.

Moniker Coffee Company

Address: 2860 Sims Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

Moniker Coffee shop is an absolute gem and a place that you need to bookmark when visiting San Diego. This place has the cutest aesthetics and relaxing vibes. I adore their little setup inside, where you can enjoy your delicious coffee while you work, study, read a book, or mingle with friends.

Moniker takes their coffee seriously, crafted perfectly, making it a work of art. They have a variety of coffee on their menu and freshly brewed teas. The Moniker also makes specialty drinks for any occasion, so throughout the year, you’ll find seasonal beverages that are so amazing! They also serve different types of toast to accompany your coffee. Their toast options are endless! Avocados, jams, fruits, fresh veggies, and cheese are just a few items to add to your toast. It’s flavorful, and you can never go wrong with their loaded toast selection.

If you’re anything like me, you are a sucker for boutiques! Here at Moniker, you can enjoy your coffee or tea while browsing the cutest shop ever. The Moniker General is a beautiful boutique filled with clothing, jewelry, and home decor. I’ve purchased some of my favorite earrings here and have never seen anything like them anywhere else. Shopping plus coffee is always a win! This place is impressive and a must when in San Diego.

Exploring the Best Restaurants in Liberty Station San Diego

Liberty Station San Diego is a fantastic dining destination, offering many outstanding restaurants. Whether you’re craving classic American food with some mouthwatering craft beer at Stone Brewing or creative dishes at the Presley, this area in San Diego has something for everyone. Take the chance to explore the delicious culinary experiences that make Liberty Station San Diego a must-visit spot for food lovers and anyone looking to enjoy great food in a vibrant atmosphere full of history.

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