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Who we are

Hi, We are the Salinas family! Over the last few years, we've spent more time trying to find amazing restaurants, places to visit, and fun attractions. We thought it would be a great idea to share these experiences with the rest of you, and we hope that everyone has the same experiences we do. As a family, we usually try to find family-friendly environments, but sometimes we have the opportunity to escape and find the perfect destination for a date night.

We spend a lot of time researching unique places to visit and eat, so you don't have to. We have shared our experiences with friends and family, and now we want to bring them to you. We want to help with your experiences, no matter the stage in life.

We all have our interpretation of the perfect way to travel, but we can all agree that it allows us to escape our daily routines and give us a sense of life ownership. We encourage everyone to start roaming around and see what's out there.

Places To Eat


How much time do you spend on your computer or phone looking through apps and websites to find something to eat? I know we're guilty of it, but sometimes we spend more time searching than we would like.

Ever wonder why that happens?

We concluded that perhaps we are just tired of what's around us, so we try searching for new food experiences. A burger from around the corner doesn't always cut it; sometimes, we want a burger from a restaurant with a unique interior or location where you can walk after your meal, or you want a burger from a restaurant that offers great entertainment. We want the same things, too, which is why we are here to bring them to you. We try our best to provide you information for the best places to eat.

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Creating Memories

Some things we value the most are not material possessions. Without knowing, we keep records of our lives almost daily.

Every time we take a picture, video record with our phones, or post on social media, we help preserve part of the identity and impact of our lives and the lives of our family members.

Creating memories gives us comfort, warmth, and a feeling of joy. Discovering and exploring together will soon make us realize that the items we cherish the most are the memories created throughout the process.

Everyone will embark on a different journey in life, but great memories will always be an essential ingredient in present happiness.

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Having Fun

We sometimes tend to work as much as possible, which builds stress that can lead to burnout and may cause a lack of productivity. Doing enjoyable activities may help counteract the feeling of stress.

Did you know that having fun is an essential part of your well-being? It helps boost your productivity, energy, and creativity and helps balance stress.

Always make sure you take the time to get out there and try to do all the things you love and enjoy.